Undercounter Digital Dishwasher from Aristarco by sawasUndercounter Digital Dishwasher from Aristarco by sawas
Reference: AF 50.35EM

Undercounter Digital Dishwasher – AF 50.35EM

AED 6,200

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Deliver to Dubai by May 30 - Jun 3

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Undercounter Digital Dishwasher

•Plates,Glasses , Saucers and Cuttlery
•BODY: AISI 304 Staineless Steel Body
Partial double skinned body
Preformed rack guides
Double skinned Door
Door Handle in staineless Steel
Wash/rinse arms in Stainless Steel, easily removable
Boiler in Staineless Steel AISI 304
PVC protection rear the bottom front panel
Plastic wash pump filter,easily removable
Rack Size: 50×50 cm
Washing cycles/ racks/hour: 90″-120″ -180″-9’/40-30-20-7
Top and Bottom wash/risnse arm
Wash pump 550W
Boiler Capacity 5 iters
Tank Capacity 20 liters
Boiler Heating Element: 2.7Kw
Tank Heating Element: 2.4Kw
Water consumption per cycle: 2 liters
Electronic controls with color code switch
Useful Washing height: 340mm
Magnetic door micro switch
Automatic water filling
Double electric detergent and rinse dispenser
Hot rinse
Thermostop function
Anti Back-flow valve
Green function for energy saving
Automatic end-of-day self-cleaning water tank
Washing pump with soft-start
1 Glass Rack 50×50 cm
1 Plate Rack 50×50 cm (12/18 plates)
1 Cutlery small basket
1 Inlet hose (length 2mt)
1 Drain hose (length 2.5mt)

Product Specifications

Voltage: 220-240V~50Hz
Power: 3.250 Watts
Amperage: 14A
Net  Weight: 53 kg
Total Weight: 60.5 Kg
Size (WDH): 57.2 x 63.3 x 81.4 cm
Package  Size: 65 x 71 x 98 cm
ARISTARCO – Made in Italy