victoria coffee espresso machinevictoria coffee espresso machine
Reference: VICTODE2NG3

VICTORIA Commercial Espresso Machine

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AED 39,500

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  • Patented Brewing Profile System: The double boiler hydraulic system is drawn by a Volumetric dosage that allows to set pressure profiles from 3 to 11 bar to maximize the coffee extraction experience.
  • Automatic Water Regeneration: In order to keep ph and water quality under control the automatic regeneration system of Water and Steam boilers allows to schedule a daily recycling.
  • Coffee Temperature Control: The new coffee extraction temperature control system by PID thermostat, allows an accurate programming of the coffee temperature in the cup, thanks to the hydraulic circuit thermos ability the exaltation of the aromas of each type of coffee is granted.

Product Specifications

Power Supply: 220V-400V, 50/60Hz

Nominal Power: 7400W

Services Resistance: 5000W

Coffee Resistance: 2000W

Service Boiler: 2×6 Lt.

Coffee Boiler: 2×1 Lt.

Load Connection: G 3/8″

Drain Connection: G 3/4″

Net Weight: 100 kg

Gross Weight: 140 kg

Dim: 82 x 68 x 56 cm

Bezzera – Made In Italy