8 - Lever Juicer Evolution (4)8 - Lever Juicer Evolution (4)
Reference: 70A

Lever Juicer Evolution – 70A

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  • Heavy duty juicer with lever to use everywhere you need a freshly squeezed citrus juice: juice bars, health food stores, hotels, bars, restaurants.
  • Commercial juicer adapted to intensive use thanks to its powerful induction motor and its high output.
  • Easy to use: automatic start when we push the lever (patented clutch system).
  • Easy to clean: Removable stainless steel bowl, cone, and cup.
  • Spout height: 220mm (8.6″) to make juice in a glass or in a jug.

Product Specifications

Average output: 50L/h

Motor: 220-240V , 50/60Hz, 300W

Speed(50Hz): 1500rpm

Speed(60Hz): 1800rpm

Net Weight: 13.5kg

Gross Weight: 14.5kg

Size (WDH): 24 x 40 x 49 cm

Packaging Size(WDH): 28 x 44 x 54 cm

SANTOS – Made in France