Gas crepe maker - roller grillGas crepe maker - roller grill
Reference: CFG400

Gas Crepe Maker – CFG400

AED 1,875

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Deliver to Dubai by Jul 16 - Jul 20

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•The electric enamelled cast iron crepe machine
(diameter 400mm) is especially designed for takeaway
pancakes markets(Stands, Trailers, Trucks, Restaurant),
at festival fairs.
•Perfectly even cooking without heat loss on the edge.
•The enamelled cast-iron is perfectly smooth for a real
contact cooking ensuring a direct temperature transfer.
•Cooks your crepes at only 200°C instead of 240°C as
generally recommended on pure cast-iron plates!
•Cook your crepe in 1min instead of 2’30 minutes:60crepes/h
instead of 26 till 30 on single crepe machine.
•Features: Star-shaped burner with 8 branches, piezo
lighting, control knob with low position, safety thermocouple.

Product Specifications

Power: 3600W
No.Burner: 1
Diameter: 400mm
Net Weight: 15.5 kg
Gross Weigth: 17.5 kg
Dimensions: 40×18.3 cm
Roller Grill –  Made in France