pineapple peeling machinepineapple peeling machine
Reference: 0801

Pineapple Peeling Machine – 0801

AED 2,250

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Deliver to Dubai by Jul 16 - Jul 20

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•Designed to remove shell and core from pineapple fruit
with a single movement without requiring much power in
places such as hotels, restaurants, shopping centres,
supermarkets and grocery stores.
•Polyethylene Slide
•Safety Pin
•Pushing Wedge
•Pushing Wedge Pin
•Blade Cover
•Stainless Steel Blade
•Spare Blade

Product Specifications

Weight: 12.75 kg
Depth: 55cm
Width: 37cm
Height (Arm Down): 65cm
Height (Arm Up): 115cm
CANCAN – Made in Turkey