vegetable processing machinevegetable processing machine
Reference: CL50E ULTRA

Vegetable Processing Machine – without Discs CL50E Ultra

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•Rugged, efficient, easy to clean and offering the
widest variety of cuts, these models are in league of
their own and will meet your precise daily needs both
easily and effectively.
•Ergonomics: These models boast a lever-activated
auto restart, making them user-friendly and optimising
•Two Feed Hoppers:
*The Large Hopper(surface area: 139cm²) can hold up
to 10 tomatoes.
*The Cylindrical feed tube (Ø58mm) ensures uniform
cutting of long, thin fruit and vegetables.
•Easy Cleaning: New Lid shape eliminating nooks and
crannies where food residue could accumulate.
•Sturdiness: All- metal bowl, motor.

Product Specifications

*Operating Time: up to 250kg/h
*Processing time: up to 5kg/mn
*1 speed – Single Phase
Voltage: 230V / 50Hz – Single Phase
Power: 550 Watts
Speed: 375 RPM
Net weight: 18 kg
Gross Weight: 20.2 kg
Size: 39 x 34 x 61 Cm
Robot Coupe – Made in France