vegetable cutting machinevegetable cutting machine
Reference: CL50 GOURMET

Vegetable Preparation Machine – CL50 GOURMET without Disc

AED 9,075

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Deliver to Dubai by Jul 16 - Jul 20

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*Exclusive Cuts: Brunoised and Waffle of Exceptional quality.
•Large Capacity: Large fee hopper 132 cm² to cater
for bulky vegetables such as cabbage and celeriac.
•Precision: Removable feed tube for processing
brunoises or waffles in small quantities and for guiding
fruit and vegetables during the cutting process.
•Small Quantities: Removable collection tray for small
quantities of diced vegetables. Also ensures easier
•Wide Variety of cuts: Extensive collection of
precision-sharpened discs for flawless cutting quality.
•7 New Cuts: 4 sizes of Waffle & 3sizez of Brunoised.

Product Specifications

Motor base: Staineless Steel
Motor: Induction
Bowl and Lid: Metal
Large Hopper: Upload  capacity 2.1 ltr
Cylindrical Hopper: Ø69mm
Included: 0.6 litre internal collection tray
Power: 230V/50Hz/550 watts, 1phase
Speed: 375 rpm
Net Weight: 22 kg
Gross Weight: 25 kg
Dimension: 39 x 34 x 61 cm
Robot Coupe – Made in France