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Reference: CHOCOLADY5L

Hot Drink Topping Dispenser – 5L

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•Designed to dispense chocolate and all hot beverages.
•Can also be used to dispense: Milk, Coffee, Teas,
Nacho Cheese sauces,Hot Cider, Mulled Wine, Butter
topping (for Popcorn), Cream Sauces, Gravy, Syrups,
Broths, Au Jus, Drawn butter (for seafood), Vegetable
Technical Features:
*Bain-marie heating of product prevents burning.
*Continuous stirring maintains a perfect, lump-free consistency.
*Thermostat for adjusting temperature as required.
*Special anti-clogging tap.
*Staineless steel boiler, with thermal insulation.
*Non-lip feet.
*New product bowl that can be removed quickly.
*Large drip tray with water level gauge.
*Hot water tank with easy emptying process.

Product Specifications

Bowl Capacity: 5L
No.of Bowl: 1
Voltage: 220-230V , 50-60Hz
Power: 1000W
Amp: 8.2
Temp.Control: Adjustable Thermostat
Net Weight: 7.27kg
Gross Weight: 9kg
Size: 30 x 43 x 47H cm
Packing Size: 34 x 34 x 52 cm
SENCOTEL – Made in Spain