Coffee Grinder Bezzera SIRIOCoffee Grinder Bezzera SIRIO
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Coffee Grinder Bezzera – SIRIO

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Coffee Grinder Bezzera

•Exit tube made of glass, for minimal retention and electrostatic charge.
•Universal filter holder: adaptable to any portafilter
•Easily removable magnetic filter holder
•Touch screen display with intuitive electronic interface
•Aluminum housing
•Futuristic and clear profile

Key Innovation:
•Blades: 77mm flat blades
•Vertical position for lower retention
•Stable position of the burrs
•Micrometric adjustment of the grinding range by frontal ring
•Perfect grain size curve for all grind standards
•Innovative design for the ideal grind in every application;
espresso, filter, cupping
•Motor: Up to 1000W power
•Self-learning – delivers only the power needed to gain the
required effort during the grind, and only uses more power
when the coffee beans are morre difficult to grind
•Energy Saving
•Reduction of heating in the grinding chamber
•Accuracy and consistency of the coffee dose.
•Silent engine
•Speed control 900-1200-1500rpm

Product Specifications

Technical Data:
•Power: 220-240Vac, 50-60Hz, 400W, 1500RPM
•Maximum Daily production: morethan 15kg
•Dosage: Automatic or Manual
•Grinder adjustment: Stepless micrometric system
•Hopper Volume: 500g standard
(Option: 150gr, 250gr, 1200gr, 1500gr)
•Blades: D:77mm
•Operating Cycle: 30s ON / 6min. OFF
Weight: 20.5 kg
Dim: 20 x 39 x 63 cm
Bezzera – Made In Italy